The Reorganization of Luccini

The Spiders of Limeport

Wake up, notice we have to pay for rooms.
Diend says we will get reimbursed… eventually.
Oh well.
Jerry offers rock breakfast. Failyn goes for it. More rations for the rest.
Off to the hole!

Diend pats us down before we enter so he can inventory anything that comes out.
Enter cave.
Smooth walls and floors, so definitely carved.
Wenton recognizes that the etchings on the walls resemble Zorn, earth-plane beings.
As we explore, we find there are symbols every so often at junctures.
No clue what they mean.
We enter first room.

Inside we see work benches with some pipes going to the ceiling along one wall.
Failyn touches a pipe. The pipe is hot. Failyn burns her hands a little.
Not sure what the stuff benches are form.
We do find two canisters: one back, one white.
Leave them for now.

Go to next room.
Huge spider-like thing inside this room.
However, it looks rather broken.
Willow manages to rip open a panel.
Wenton climbs inside.
Finds some levers, a lot of broken gears, and a really large gem-thing.
Take it with us.
Aside from that, nothing notable in the place.

Go down another passage.
At the end of this passage, we find that rock is blocking the way.
Sticking out of the rock is a hand.
The hand looks like a woman’s hand.
We try to pickaxe the rest of her out.
Found out, there is no “rest of her”. She has been turned to rock.
In her hand we found some cylindrical object.
After toying with it, we found it can mark symbols on the walls.

Next room was more interesting.
One wall was really warm with some table with little holes in it.
Before we could look further, suddenly Willow was lifted in a noose.
Some spider thing was on the ceiling.
Failyn managed to shoot the web and free her.
Wenton manages to shoot some acid in its workings.
Willow pulls it down from the ceiling and smashes it with her fists.
We inspect the spider and find a small ruby lens inside, which we hold onto.

After the fight, we explore the room.
Found some canisters, and they had potions.
Wenton stuck his finger in one. Didn’t seem to do much.
Wenton stuck a different finger in the other potion, and it seemed to waver and vanish.
Then at the table in from on the big warm wall, Wenton started inserting fingers into the holes.
The warm wall came to life, and it looked like a screen.
Saw a time-lapse of the tunnel system.
Afterwards, we were shown a screen that showed the area, along with some flashing lights.
One light was solid near our location, and others were flashing in other places.

We started to leave when we saw the guards at the entrance.
We know Diend would take our goodies if he found them.
Went back to the canisters in the first room to see if we should try taking them.
First needed to find what they did.
Found a bowl-like thing.
Pour in a dribble of the white stuff in. It just pools in the bottom.
Pour in a dribble of the black stuff in with the white stuff.
Suddenly starts reacting.
Spreads out in a hexagon pattern.
When it settles, it looks shiny yet like a fabric.
Pick it up, and it feels just like a shiny fabric, about handkerchief size.
Wenton decides to put it away.
It sticks to his finger!
Realize it is just the potion that is still on his finger.

Before leaving the cave, we hide the large white lens back in the large spider.
Diend frisks us and finds nothing.

Decide to go to one grouping of dots.
Have to track through the wilderness.
Navigate like champs for the first part.
During the second navigation, things go wrong.
Fight some viney plant.
It hurts a lot, but we kill it.

Make it to a mucky portion where the dots were.
We see something struggling in the muck.
We hide, and find it was some spiders digging themselves out of the muck.
We think that they had to come from somewhere.
Decide to attach a rope to a tree and try digging down.
Willow tries and fails.
Wenton tries and succeeds like a pro.
After securing the other end of the rope in the opening below, the others followed.
It looked like another work shop.
Look around and found a stone of Mirror Image, but no clue how to use it.
We didn’t find anything else interesting, since everything else was blocked off by rock.
Leave and go back to town.

After we reach Jerry’s place, we go to sleep.
In the night, we hear a scream and some struggle.
We head out and find two spiders, and two dead townspeople.
We fight and slay the spiders, which may or may not be the ones we hid from.
With the guards still on their way, we slay the spiders.
Diend confiscates them, and we go back to sleep.



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