The Reorganization of Luccini

Welcome to Limeport


We are in jail for a while.
Get out to meet King Ferdinand Herrera Mandello.
We can stay free if we help the king gain influence for the Reorganization.
But have to serve under Diend the jerk face.
We got some sweet threads though.

Go on boat to Limeport.
There are cows and other trade goods on board.
We head to Limeport.
Out of nowhere, huge water elemental erupts from the water.
Learn that there were a lot of elementals escaping into the material plane at some point.
We try to save the ship.
Sadly, only Wenton held his own, so we were pushed to the shore.
Took two days to repair, then we made it to Limeport.

Greeted by Mayor Repel.
Tells us about these rocks that convert dead/living material into more rocks.
While mining rocks, uncovered cave.
Cave put on lock down after two teenagers ended up dead by the hole.
The town covered the hole with rocks.
Told we can start our investigations the next day, and can stay with Jerry.
Jerry offers rock soup, no one takes it.

Next day, we ask about town a bit.
We learn that someone else went into the hole possibly, some old woman.
Supposedly she is some expert at working the rocks.
We check out her house, she isn’t home.
We enter anyway.
Search it quite thoroughly.
Find some gold and a couple of magical items.
We hold onto the stuff just in case.

Next, we talk with mother of one of dead teens.
Learn the dead teens were going out.
Nothing really exciting.

Next, we go to the hole!
It is covered with a lot of rocks.
We decide to get some manual help.
Go back to Diend and ask for some guards to help.
Shortly after, we check out the puff farm.
Puffs are sort of like buffalo, but rounder and fluffier.
Rent a couple to help clear out the hole.
Use all this manual labor to open entrance to cave.
Diend posts guards to the entrance, and we call it a day.



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