The Reorganization of Luccini

The Other Half

Dear Journal,

I apologize for the brief entry. The day’s activities have left me quite tired. This morning I found a meagre breakfast at my inn and promptly went to meet the others at the fountain. After learning that my breakfast was the worst of the group, we decided what we would do that morning. I decided to investigate at the temple of Lendor, while the other two did investigations as well.

At the temple of Lendor, there seemed to be nothing abnormal. It was less splendid than the other temples, and the priests there agreed that it was typically overlooked by the families in care. While investigating, a group of rabble rousers entered. I just sat on a bench to observer. These teens went around harassing the visitors to the temple and no one escaped their notice, including myself. One of the twerps starts to bother me an got in my face. I promptly rebuked his foot with my staff. This act did not go unnoticed. The rest of the gang gathered around me. I held my ground with a nice, peaceful sleep spell, but 4 still remained, including a child who I would later learn was [[:diend-balenson: Diend Balenson]]. I tried swiping at him, but with a single punch I was convinced of the danger he posed. At this moment, the priests came together to shove out these delinquents, and I went back to meet with the others.

While we were getting some lunch and discussing the developments (of which there were none) we heard another commotion. We rushed toward the sound and found a Man-Goat. This time its head was a man’s while the body was a goats. A group of villagers had surrounded it by the time we got there. We tried to communicate with it, but we couldn’t. Soon the guard pushed forward and dispatched the creature while forming a barrier between the public and it.

However, it was clear from the murmurs of the crowd that the head resembled a boy named Giese. After casting a listening spell on the captain of the guard, we heard him send two guards to inform his family. Failwyn and Willow followed the guards, while I stayed to try and see if there was anything else to learn from the scene.

Willow and Failwyn followed the guards to the docks, where they knocked on a door. A man answered, they conversed, then the guards walked away. Following afterwards, the duo also knocked on the door. They were greeted by Ben, who was Giese’s father. The two told him that they were investigators looking into the disturbances in town. After the conversation, they learned that Giese had a friend, Sam, an old fisherman, and that he had been working recently for the Goodwins, he believed it was for Jareth and Reginald Goodwin.

Afterwards, we all met back and discussed the development. Of course it couldn’t be Reginald. That evening, still unconvinced on what to do next, we investigated the Temple of Waukeen. I bought an expensive cup, and we saw Seagord Goodwin, but he didn’t want to talk to us.

That evening we all decided to stay at the Wobbly Sea Legs: moderately priced and a buffet for breakfast. However, by the docks we saw Reginald and a man we assume is Jareth walking along the dock talking quietly about things. We followed discreetly for a time, then they split ways. The party split up to follow them both. We found that Jareth went to a fancy house in the same district as the temple of Waukeen, while Reginald went to a gated section at the end of the docks. Rupert looked in his window and saw him working in what looked like his study with a little girl there. Nothing seemed to be amiss, and that ended our night.



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