A New Power

Our story begins in Luccini, “The City of the Gods”, which gets its name from the numerous temples housed there. Travelers come from all over the world to visit the city and pay homage to the gods. The Luccinians do everything in their power to encourage this practice. Though also a center for trade (due to its strategic location at the Nika River delta), the largest source of revenue comes from tourism.

The city, though technically ruled by King Ferdinand, is divided into two powers representing two wealthy families: The Goodwind’s and the Baylenson’s. These two families trace their bloodlines back to the founding of Luccini. As such, they both claim the right to control the local commerce and trade. In centuries past this meant bloodshed, however their current arrangement no longer requires the families to resort to murder.

The city contains five temples to the gods Pelor (the sun god), Kord (the god of battle), Wuakeen (the god of trade), Lendor (the god of time, patience and knowledge), and Fharlanghn (the god of travel). Every 4 years the two families politic with the clerics and priests of the temples for the rights to their god’s branding. This time is called “The Reorganization”. Only authorized merchants may sell religious tomes, symbols, blessed items and other souvenirs of a particular temple. Currently, the Baylenson’s own the rights to the temples of Wuakeen, Kord, and Fharlanghn. The Goodwind’s own the rights to the temples of Pelor and Lendor.

We all meet up two months prior to the next “Reorganization”.

The Reorganization of Luccini

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